OnePlus 6 Face Recognizer Is More Than Just A Feature!

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The all-new OnePlus 6 is a great flagship phone which you can buy right now and this is despite many tech enthusiasts labelling the device as a copycat. It cannot be avoided as the new OnePlus 6 comes with all the trends of the industry and this includes a facial recognizer.

The latter is an enhanced security feature that will scan your face through the front-facing camera. If the profile match, the phone will unlock automatically.

It’s a great technology to have but OnePlus warned against putting all security hopes on it. This is due to the fact that the face recognizer technology is not operating on a refined software hence a simple printed picture of your face can bypass the locked display with ease.

But then again, to blast the OnePlus 6 for being poor is not accurate at all and this is due to the feature being developed by a major firm called SenseTime. The latter is a company that does all kind of detailed facial recognition for the Chinese government under the public surveillance program hence the cameras on the OnePlus 6 shouldn’t be taken lightly.

That would explain why OnePlus placed a warning on the facial recognition feature to not hope for security with the tool and simply rely on it for convenience.