OnePlus 6 Face Unlock Feature Is Purely Cosmetic

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What is there not to like about the latest OnePlus 6? The all-new flagship phone made its debut last month and it came out with all the best, as well as trendy, features to offer.

Some that are worth mentioning include a notch display and a face unlock feature. The latter, in particular, has changed the way consumers use their phone as they appreciate the speed of accessing the OnePlus 6 by just staring at the front-facing camera.

But on the downside of things, the front-facing facial recognizer does not function well as a security tool and this was proven in a video which shows the feature getting bypassed with a black-and-white printed photo of the original user.

The confusing bit here is that OnePlus has been hinting on the feature not meant to become a tool for security purposes. There was a warning message that appears on the OnePlus 6 prior to launching the facial recognition feature and it implies that the tool is meant for convenience, not security.