OnePlus 6: Yet Another Case Of Monkey See, Monkey Do?

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The Android smartphone offerings are getting a little too annoying for a section of the consumers and this is due most new flagship phones released having identical outfits.

It doesn’t matter if the manufacturer is Sony, LG, HTC or even Xiaomi. All these phone-makers are about to release their next-gen flagship device and their respective phones are expected to feature a bezel-less display without a headphone jack.

Now, a new leak for the OnePlus 6 has surfaced online and it basically allowed us to slot the upcoming phone into the same bracket with the flagships from Sony, LG, HTC and Xiaomi. The OnePlus 6 can clearly be seen without a bezel and what’s worst about it is the high-level of similarities with the Apple iPhone X.

We are aware that the attractive appearance of the iPhone X has bred a new trend in the market but not everyone is actually interested in having a bezel-less design for their phones.

It’s just disappointing to see OnePlus following the trend with the upcoming 6 instead of diversifying their offerings by making something different.