OnePlus 6T: 2 Changes Can Make A World Of Difference!

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Later this year, OnePlus is expected to launch the 6T and the device will act as the company’s second flagship for this year.

After scoring big with the 6, one may wonder on how OnePlus will do better with the 6T. We have given it a long thought and we came to realize that the current OnePlus 6 is two features short of pure awesomeness.

The first is with IP-certification. While JerryRigsEverything may have proved that the OnePlus 6 can withstand some splash, the lack of proper certification has left several users in a state of anxiety. This should change on the OnePlus 6T and the phone will score big if it manages to achieve IP68 rating.

Secondly is the usual hardware upgrade. Unlike how it was in previous years, Qualcomm has decided to bring out the Snapdragon 850 early and the OnePlus 6T can greatly benefit from this timing.

Just these two alone will be enough for us to give the OnePlus 6T some serious consideration for our next device. Would you agree?