OnePlus X Marshmallow Controversy Has A Cure!

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OnePlus smartphones are loved by many due to their extreme affordability and flagship-rivalling hardwares. The only catch here is with the relatively poor after-sales service that is provided by OnePlus.

The biggest example today is with the OnePlus X, which is pending to receive the promised Android 6.0 Marshmallow update from OnePlus. To make things even worse, OnePlus is still hopeful to deliver their promise despite the Marshmallow already being replaced by Android Nougat.

A Tweet response from OnePlus caught our attention when it revealed that the Marshmallow update for the X is still in the works and it will get released when ready. The problem is that nobody knows when that is and even the OnePlus X users have moved on from hoping for the update.

Well, OnePlus can still win back the fans and it is through skipping the Marshmallow update for the new Nougat firmware. More importantly, OnePlus should hasten the delivery of the Nougat update as that would make the X being one of the early phones to operate on the new Android system. Will it happen though?