OnePlus X To Skip Marshmallow For Nougat?

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Back when Google first launched Android 6.0 Marshmallow, OnePlus made a huge promise and that is to deliver the firmware update to the OnePlus X. Funny enough, OnePlus is still pending to launch the Marshmallow update for the X.

It gets even more ridiculous today as Google has released the all-new Android 7.0 Nougat. If OnePlus is still keen on bringing Marshmallow to the X, they will definitely be the first company to do so especially since there is a newer Android firmware around.

The way we see it, OnePlus X users should just forget about the Marshmallow dream entirely. However, the rumours are calling for the users to hold their breath as OnePlus is looking to make up for their lateness by offering the X the Nougat update.

Well, the rumours didn’t provide anything concrete to support their claims hence you should take it with loads of salt. Perhaps, it is better to just move on and stick to Lollipop with the OnePlus X instead of torturing yourself with the endless wait.