Pixel 2 Screen Issue May End LG’s Tenure

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If you have been following the all-new Google Pixel 2 closely, then you must have read about the black smear issue that is visible on a large number of units sold.

The cause of the issue is unknown at the moment but reports are indicating that the screen has suffered a burnt due caused by a manufacturing defect and it may force Google to perform a recall on the Pixel 2. It is also worth noting that the issue is creating a lot of online arguments that are dividing the consumers.

If that is not bad enough, new rumors have surfaced online and it is claiming that Google is not happy with LG due to the screen issue. Google has long tasked LG with development of their products and the Pixel 2 could be the last of them because of this issue.

In other words, future Pixel phones will get developed by a different name but this is only if the rumors are right. We will update you more on this once Google makes a press release to address this Pixel 2 fiasco.