Pixel 2 Won’t Destroy Google-LG Relationship

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Whether you hate it or love it, the all-new Google Pixel 2 is a splendid phone in its rights and the removal of the traditional headphone jack never really managed to stop the Pixel craze.

Since the Pixel 2 became available for purchase a month ago, many have placed an order for the device but a big portion of them pulled out at the last moment upon learning about an issue with the flagship phone.

The issue is known as the blue shift which can be described with the blue tint on the OLED panel. The blue shift created an uproar from the early adopters of the Pixel 2 and it ended up preventing the phone from enjoying a smooth debut.

Google is already fixing the issue as we speak but they have not admitted to the fault at all. Online investigators dug through the Pixel 2’s internal files and they claimed that the OLED panel is made by LG hence LG should take the blame.

LG has long served Google as a producer and this sole fact got several parties speculating that Google wants to end the partnership because of the blue shift issue.

Well, we feel that the speculations are wrong because it is Google that purchased the parts from LG. A separate investigation found that Google opted for an older version of the OLED panel which means that the fault is with Google all along.

Either way, it is unlikely for the LG-Google partnership to end because of the blue shift issue.