Pixel 3 Slated To Bring True Nexus 5 Successor!

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the Pixel 3 and we can’t wait to check out what Google’s next flagship phone will have to offer. Leaks are all suggesting that the upcoming flagship will retain its variants – the standard model and the XL variant.

Today, a new rumour has surfaced online claiming that there is a third model in the works and it is described as a more compact version of the Pixel 3. Unlike the standard model and the XL, the tentatively-known Pixel 3 Compact will not run on the Snapdragon 845 chipset. Instead, it will be powered by the Snapdragon 660.

The advantage here is that the Pixel 3 Compact can offer extreme battery life and ample performance for heavy media consumption. The use of the Snapdragon 660 will also make the Pixel 3 Compact significantly cheaper than the other models.

If true, we could be seeing a true successor for the old Google Nexus 5. This is something we have been waiting in a long time and we can’t wait for it. All will be confirmed at Google’s conference next month.

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