PSA: Google Maps Now Showing Speed Limit!

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When compared to Waze, Google Maps is far behind in popularity and this is down to many reasons. Even so, there is still a large user base for Google Maps as the app offers a less complex layout. The only major thing lacking on Google Maps is the absence of a speed limit warning.

Such a feature is already available on Waze and a number of Google Maps users are hoping for one with their favoured app. Well, their hopes are finally here as Google launches a speed limit feature for Google Maps.

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As how you can see above, there is now a signage that shows the road’s speed limit and it can really help the Google Maps users. The only thing is that the updated Google Maps with speed limit feature is now offered in the US only.

Google confirmed that they are launching the feature on a country-to-country basis so you can expect yours to arrive soon.