PSA: Solid Explorer Now More Secured With Fingerprint Support

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Things have not been so great for Solid Explorer ever since the Android file managing application changed its UI and drop a couple of great features. A large portion of the fans have not been pleased with the new Solid Explorer but they will reconsider returning to the app if things are to get better.

Well, Solid Explorer had just gone through another update and it saw the application coming with a more beefed up security. If security is a priority for you, then you might want to return to Solid Explorer because the features are definitely the things that you will love.

As how it was announced on the Google Play Store, Solid Explorer is now equipped with File Encryption and Fingerprint support. The two features will offer stricter access to your files and folders while also offer file loss prevention. The contents, as well as names, are encrypted using strong AES256 algorithm.

For us, the above features are not enough to tempt us into making a return to Solid Explorer. The UI needs to revert back or get better.