PSA: Unlocked, Unbranded Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy Available At Best Buy

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Buying an unbranded and unlocked smartphone here in the US can be quite the chore as most resellers are only stocked up with devices offered by carrier. In other words, finding a new smartphone that has no affiliation with a carrier is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case today as consumers can now shop for an unlocked and unbranded Sony Xperia or Samsung Galaxy at Best Buy. The retailer has confirmed that they are selling a wide variety of smartphones ranging from the carrier-locked models, carrier-branded models to unlocked and unbranded models.

This means that if you desire to own the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 without any influence from a carrier, you can purchase the device at Best Buy. The same can be said for the Sony Xperia series and the LG G-series.

The best part is that the SKU of the device is compatible with all the carriers in the US so you can have a worry free smartphone experience.