Razer Phone Defends Decision To Omit Audio Jack

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Razer Phone is one of the newest names in the smartphone industry and the device is dubbed as the ultimate smartphone for gaming enthusiasts.

As such, it came to no surprise that the Razer Phone is built with the best hardwares around but there is still some red flags with the device. The biggest deal breaker for the consumers is the absence of traditional 3.5mm headphone jack – a trend that was started by Apple.

The absence of the audio jack made the Razer Phone being no different from the Google Pixel 2 but the company has a very good reason to why the traditional headphone port is not in the mix.

Razer explained that the removal of the audio jack is so that they can offer a larger battery pack and they have even made up for it by offering a superb wireless headphone set as an alternative.

The removal of the headphone jack is still an unpopular move nonetheless but we can commend Razer for being transparent about it. We would gladly take it over the Google Pixel 2, which has mocked Apple for removing the audio jack but ended up following the same path.