Razer Phone: Oreo Delays May Jump Straight To Android 8.1, Not 8.0!

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The Razer Phone is an Android-powered device that we can call a success as it appeals greatly to a niche market. Heck, the strong support for the Razer Phone makes it easy to assume that there is more love for the device over more popular names like the Essential Phone.

But unfortunately, being an Android-powered device, the Razer Phone has left existing users in an endless wait for a software update. The wait for Android Oreo to arrive on the Razer Phone has stretched to a point where some users have given up on hoping and revealed that it was to be expected since the Razer Phone is not a mainstream device.

Well, before you give up, you should know that the lads at XDA are claiming that the Razer Phone will be skipping Android 8.0 entirely and will jump straight to Android 8.1.

The update is expected to arrive on the device via OTA before May this year and it will make the Razer Phone as one of the earliest OEM devices to run on the latest version of Android. Will this come true?