Redmi Note 4: A World Beater For Only $170, Here’s How

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Back in January this year, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 4 and the phone came out with a respectable performance with superb value to offer. While the device may not be as fast as Android flagships, it can handle heavy tasks without stuttering although loading times is at a slower pace.

Despite this setback, performance on the Note 4 can improve significantly and today we are going to share with you on how you can pull it off. It will result in the Note 4 turning into a device that should have cost more than $300 instead of $170.

The start of things will be with getting the Note 4 and you can do so via major online retailers for about $140. We would recommend getting a unit that has its bootloader unlocked so that you can jump straight into flashing the phone with XenonHD.

This change will optimize the Note 4 for performance and it will also solve every issue on the Mi interface. Once done, we recommend getting Adaway and a custom kernel of your choice to compete the software upgrade on the phone.

The finishing touch would be getting Google Camera APK and also Dolby Atmos to maximize the media experience with the Xiaomi Note 4. With all these upgrades applied, the total cost would be about $170 and you can look forward to a long positive experience with the phone.