Samsung A3, J1 & J3 Are Officially Axed!

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After seeing HTC bringing out Android Oreo to the old 10, many have looked to Samsung for a response. Samsung did exactly that although what they say may not sound too pleasing at all.

The South Korean tech firm revealed that it is not impossible to keep older device updated for a longer duration than 21 months and if they are to follow the trend, it will only involve selected devices.

With that in mind, we can now confirm that the Galaxy A3, J1 and J3 from 2016 are not going to receive an extended life through software updates. Samsung has made it clear earlier today when they shared that there won’t be any more security updates coming to the A3, J1 and J3.

For the users, this is not surprising as Samsung has never been generous with software updates. The only upside to this is that future phones may have a different experience with Google’s Project Treble in mind.