Samsung Charges On With Microsoft Surface Phone Recipe!

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Come November this year, Samsung will introduce to the world a revolutionary smartphone and it will be one that can flip. The idea was teased back in Q4 last year through the W2018 Concept and reports are now claiming on new breakthroughs with the device.

The word is that the flip phone will come with dual 5.5” curved (Edge) display panel that can be combined to function like a compact tablet. Such a setup will enhance multi-tasking thus making the W2018 better-suited for productivity.

Despite being a fresh idea, we can’t help but to think that Samsung took inspiration from the rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone. There have been a lot of talks in recent years about Microsoft making a comeback in the smartphone scene with a similar flip device and these claims were strengthened further by a trademarked sketch pictured above.

But of course, Microsoft never followed up the sketch with a physical material hence giving Samsung the opportunity to make such offering. If the flip idea turns into a success, we can expect it to be the way forward for future Samsung flagships – particularly the Note series.