Samsung Galaxy Book: Is Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Ruined?

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Microsoft has been at the top of the ‘laptop chain’ for many years now and this is thanks to the Surface Pro series that has never stopped pleasing the users. The latest Surface Pro 4 is widely adopted due to it having the best performance and power in the shell of a laptop.

As a result, the upcoming Surface Pro 5 is now a hotly anticipated device and it is likely to achieve greater success than previous Surface Pros. This is unless Samsung has got something to say about it.

Despite having lost it with the Chromebook, Samsung is hoping to halt Microsoft from getting a free pass with the Surface Pro 5. Samsung’s idea of doing so is to hasten the release of the new Galaxy Book. It was revealed earlier today that the Galaxy Book will come out in two forms – media-focused and full-on productivity.

The former will feature a 10” 1080p screen that draws power from the Intel Core M3 chipset. The other model, on the other hand, will have the most punch as it will be coming with a larger 12” screen. Power is not compromised as the Galaxy book is going to run on the newest Intel i5 chips.

With the Galaxy Book being planned for an earlier release date, we don’t see why it can’t hurt the Surface Pro 5.