Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Return Is Not For Note 7 Victims

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The ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 has already been dismissed from the market it caused Samsung to re-launch some old devices in a bid to control the damage. Among them is the Galaxy Note 3, which is one of the best rated devices ever produced.

The Note 3 made a return in the market in full style and with an attractive price tag of about $200. Despite being an old device, the Note 3 happens to be powerful enough to handle most heavy tasks on a smartphone.

But of course, the Note 3 can’t fill in the void left by the Note 7 due to its age. Most Note 7 buyers are from the newer Note 5 or the Note 4. So, what is the Note 3’s role in the market today?

The answer to this is to cater the midrange market. Despite its age, the Note 3 is still more powerful than most midrange devices and it should serve those that want a superb device that are equally friendly to their budget.

We really recommend the Note 3 to you if your budget for a new phone is under $300. If you are worried about software updates, you should know that there are plenty of Android ROMS on the internet being made for the Note 3. There is just no risk with getting the Note 3.