Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Revival Steals Away Midrange Consumers

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Last year, when Samsung decided to pull out the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 out of the market, they re-launched the old Galaxy Note 3. It is a move that left many surprised and some are even offended by it.

The haters are saying that Samsung is left in desperation hence they are hoping to control the financial damage incurred by the Galaxy Note 7 by selling the old Galaxy Note 3 all-over again. As to why Samsung opted for the Note 3, it is because the device is one of the best rated phones in history.

Well, the haters can be offended all they want but it does not change the fact that the Note 3’s revival is serving Samsung extremely well. Priced under $250, many consumers that are looking for a brand new mid-market device decided to settle on this old great.

It is a great decision to make because despite of its age, the Note 3’s performance is still rated to be better than most cheap new phones today. If you are worried about software updates, you should know that there are plenty of Android ROMS on the internet being made for the Note 3.

The phone is just a risk-free choice that happens to be a lot better and more advantageous than the common mid-market offerings. Samsung has got the figures to back this up and it is a move they can be proud of.