Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 2017 Midrange Phones Not So Great After All!

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One would say that 2017 has witnessed the mid-market smartphones making leaps in performance and value due to the improved affordable chipsets and tech features.

Well, as good as the likes of Motorola G5 Plus and the Nokia 3 is, they are still nowhere near the same league as an old flagship like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The latter is a smartphone from two years ago and you should consider getting it instead of a new midrange phone. We say so because the Note 5, in its refurbished form, is similarly priced to the midrange average and it has way more features to offer.

The refurbished model means that you don’t have to worry about degraded batteries since you will be getting a new battery pack. Also, you will get the best performance around with even better cameras.

With that being said, you should perhaps adopt the Note 5 instead of a new midrange device as you will get more for what you pay for. Wouldn’t you agree?