Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Brings Salvation In Chaotic Android Revolution

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It is not often can we call a flagship device as a revolutionary smartphone and the old Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is just that. The phone from 2015 can be described as a gem in the industry and this is evident with the number of consumers still seeking out the device.

One particular reason to why the Note 5 is still being sought after is its price. While it may be tough to purchase the phone new, getting a refurbished unit won’t cost you more than $200. This is considered as a steal for interested buyers because the Note 5 still boasts a performance that can rival current flagships and it is actively being supported by XDA.

We describe the Note 5 as a salvation for current flagship hunters because most flagship phones of right now are forcing bezel-less display and the removal of headphone jack. This may seem like a step forward for the industry but not everyone is interested in such an offering.

The Note 5 is that exact opposite as it stood loyal to traditions by having a headphone jack and a slim bezel that won’t disrupt user experience. So if you are tired of the repetitive, ‘step backwards’ offering on current Android flagships, you should seriously consider the Galaxy Note 5.