Samsung Galaxy Note 5: It’s More Alive Than Current Midrange Greats!

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Consumers tend to wonder if an old flagship phone can perform better than the latest and the best midrange device. Well, there is no precise answer for this but we can safely say that the old Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is still technically better than the best of the midrange scene today.

Whether it is the Motorola Moto G5 Plus or the ZTE Axon 7, these phones are no match for the performance for the Galaxy Note 5. The latter is the 2015 smartphone of the year for a reason and you can actually purchase the device for about $200 in refurbished form.

This makes the Note 5 as cheap as the midrange phones of this year and you can enjoy a faster performance, better cameras and more functionality thanks to the S-Pen.

On a final note, the benchmark tests have shown that the Note 5 is only half-a-step behind current flagship phones which means that it is still powerful and pretty much relevant in today’s times.