Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Shoving Aside Motorola Moto G5 With Ease

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The Motorola Moto G5 is the newest smartphone to come from the iconic brand and its aim is to capture the midrange market. Motorola has already got the pricing right when it tagged the G5 at $275 but apparently, this is not enough to convince us into getting the phone.

For only $250, you can actually enjoy something better – the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Sure the latter is not a new device and it is a year old today but the hardwares which the Note 5 runs on is still better than what is offered on the G5.

Furthermore, the Note 5 is also more functional as it comes with the S-Pen to give it added features that are tuned for productivity. The only catch is that the Note 5 is in its refurbished form but that can be overlooked easily due to the power which the Note 5 has to offer.

The refurbished Note 5 can be found on various online retailers namely eBay and Amazon. It is a deal that puts the midrange market to shame as the old flagship can be owned for a smaller fee.