Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Undermining Midrange Offerings

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If we have to decide between getting a brand new midrange smartphone and a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we would gladly pick the latter over the former without any second guesses. Both choices retail under $300 but it is the Galaxy Note 5 which is the better option.

Sure, the Note 5 may be an aging smartphone but it does not change the fact that the hardwares it runs on are still better than what the current midrange phones are equipped with. Furthermore, the Note 5 comes with an S-Pen which provides more features to offer.

A refurbished Galaxy Note 5 can be obtained from as little as $250 and it works like wonders. Every new midrange phones may have plenty of new things to offer but they are still below what the Note 5 is capable of.

As such, we fully recommend getting a refurbished Galaxy Note 5 instead of a new mid-market phone. The $250 Note 5 is now turning into a common sight on eBay, Amazon and other major tech retailers.