Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs ZTE Axon 7: Old Flagship Still Relevant?

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There has been a debate going on about which phone you should buy – an old flagship or a new midrange device – and we can’t help but to side with the latter due to old flagships still being too expansive to own.

If you are to check out the used phone or refurbished market, you will see that the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are still significantly more expansive than new midrange devices hence we would gladly settle for the likes of ZTE Axon 7 to be our workhorse device.

Things are not bad for the Axon 7 as the phone is only narrowly behind the Galaxy S7 in terms of performance and we can commend ZTE for equipping the device with tons of handy features.

But if you are to go back further in time, you may find yourself a jewel and that is the Galaxy Note 5. The latter was the ultimate device back in the year where it was launched and it is the only reasonably priced device in the refurbished market.

With an average MSRP of $250, you will get to enjoy tons more features than the Axon 7 while also help yourself to an experience that can rival even the latest Galaxy S8.

The Note 5 is just that good and we can say that it is a device that is worth snubbing a midranger for.