Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs ZTE Axon 7: Old Meets New

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Various major review outlets have named the ZTE Axon 7 as the best smartphone you can buy for under $300 and it is easy to understand why. The Axon 7 has got the looks, performance and features that are worth well beyond its MSRP.

You can say that the Axon 7 is only but a step behind a pure Android flagship and it greatly explains why the device is the best choice for budget hunters around. On the other hand, midrange goers can get something better for a smaller fee and it is the old Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The flagship device from two years ago runs on the best hardwares of its time and the phone’s performance can still rival the flagships of today. The Note 5 can be purchased for about $250 in refurbished form and while it may no longer receive support from Samsung, you can still apply third-party software upgrades to keep the phone relevant.

The power and feature-packed Note 5 has been awarded smartphone of the year buy almost every major review outlets and it is why we would recommend the device over a current midrange phone.