Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Puts The Blame On Galaxy S8

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There’s good news and bad – the good news is that Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Note 7 again as refurbished models; the bad news is they won’t be sold in the US. The paranoid among us would probably be glad, while the rest of the crowd would just have to deal with it.

It seems that the device’s battery is not the reason why it’s not making a comeback stateside. The real reason here is money. Because the US is one of the markets with fertile ground for Samsung’s flagships to thrive, the company can’t afford to have the Note 7 cannibalizing Galaxy S8 sales.

The Korean electronics giant is however okay with refurbished models of the S Pen phablet being sold in regions where its mid-range and budget products make up most of its sales. Such markets would be keen on the bargain aspect of Samsung’s efforts.

Besides, it’s an opportunity to milk more cash from the device, in spite of company’s pretext of being more environmental by recycling leftover phones from the device’s final recall. Would you pick the Galaxy Note 7 over the Galaxy S8 if it were to be made available in the US?