Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Not Coming, Here’s Why

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We are finally in 2017 and if you are hoping for Samsung to launch the Galaxy Note 8 this year, you best look elsewhere because it is unlikely to happen at all.

We say this because the failure of the Note 7 may have killed the entire Note nameplate. Samsung is a massive corporation and it is common practice for large companies to ditch a product after seeing it failing in the market.

The Note 7 did not only hurt the users with its exploding battery but it also caused a great deal of damage on Samsung’s reputation as a whole. To further acknowledge the Note 7 as a mistake that must not be repeated, Samsung will definitely not release a new Note phone this year.

Besides, having the Note 8 around will only make it more confusing for the consumers. Think about it. Several years ago, Samsung launched the Note 8 in the form of a tablet. The numbers will clash with each other and it will just complicate matters.

The best solution here is for Samsung to launch a brand new line of smartphones that can fill in the void left by the Note series. The mystery phone is likely to have the best features on board as it looks to make the consumers forget about the Note 7 fiasco.