Samsung Galaxy Note 8 May Force You To Snub S8!

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All the craze may be on the newly released Samsung Galaxy S8 at the moment but we would advise you against rushing your purchase as the future Note 8 may be worth the extra wait.

The Note 8 is confirmed to be in production and it is going to make its debut somewhere in Q3 this year. As a phone that wants to put the bitter memories of the Note 7 to rest, we can expect Samsung to go over the top with the Galaxy Note 8.

Today, new reports have surfaced from industry insiders and they are all claiming on three massive features that are coming to the Galaxy Note 8. The features are dual-camera, screen embedded fingerprint sensor and removable batteries.

Such features are unavailable on the Galaxy S8 thus having them on the Note 8 makes it more tempting to wait for the phablet. But of course, the above are pending to get confirmed by Samsung hence it is best to take it with a grain of salt. So, would you wait out the Note 8 or adopt the S8 this early on?