Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 8: Battle Of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreen!

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One of Apple’s goals with the upcoming iPhone 8 is to revolutionize the smartphone experience through the use of pressure-sensitive display. This particular technology will add in more new functions on the iPhones but it looks like the iPhone 8 won’t be the only device with such a feature.

It was reported by insiders earlier today that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also come out with a pressure-sensitive display. The insiders revealed that light touching and swiping on the Note 8 will be used as the primary method of navigation on the phone.

When pressure is applied, it will open up a list of tools that can be used by the users like copying text, quick-deleting a message and many others.

Samsung has been secretly working on offering the technology to the Note 8 and it was hinted on the S8 through the pressure sensitive home button. So, will the pressure sensitive screen on the Note 8 be able to do one better than the upcoming Apple iPhone 8?