Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Canon DSLR: Blurring Logic!

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Comparing a smartphone’s camera to a pure DSLR is like comparing a Mitsubishi Mirage to a Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s just plain obvious that DSLR is better at taking photos since they are made to do just that.

But the thing here is that consumers’ perception on all-things-good has changed as smartphones evolved over the years. Last year saw smartphone cameras getting upgraded further and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now one of the best devices for taking photos.

The Note 8, when utilizing Google Camera with HDR+ can capture some of the highest quality photos around and we have to say that the end product can end up looking better than a standard photo from a DSLR.

The lads at XDA has proved this point further when they compared the Note 8 with the Canon 6D Mark and while they may still side with the DSLR, most that viewed the photo comparison blindly (without reading the caption) ended up siding with the Note 8.

Let’s see where you stand by checking out the comparison here.