Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs S8: What’s The Difference?

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The Galaxy Note 8 has been out for a couple of months now and some consumers are still wondering if Samsung’s most expansive production phone is really worth the purchase.

These folks are contemplating between the S8+ and the Note 8 and they are unsure if the extra tools on the latter justify the extra price. If you are among them, we are here to help you out by listing every extra thing on the Note 8 that is not available on the S8+. They are as follow:

1. S-pen
2. 6GB RAM instead of 4GB which means better multitasking
3. Dual cameras with iPhone 7/8 like portrait mode and 2x optical zoom
4. Much smoother than Galaxy S8, as per reported by XDA
5. Android 7.1 instead of the 7.0 which most versions of S8 are still stuck with. (S8 Oreo beta notwithstanding)
6. Better positioning of the fingerprint scanner which reduces the risk of smudging the camera lens by accident.
7. Display is less curved thus brining its own appeal although the attraction is subjective.
8. The display is brighter than S8 and it has slightly better sunlight legibility.