Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Weird Camera Layout Raise Worries

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Every passing day brings us closer to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but it appears that we don’t have to wait until September to get an idea on what will come with the phone. Various leaks and insider reports are all in agreement that the leak photo embedded below is the real Galaxy Note 8.

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While it may not show the complete design of the Note 8, we are able to study the way Samsung sets up the camera on the phablet and we are surprised to see two cameras sitting next to each other along the X-axis.

What’s more surprising is that the cameras are embedded next to the flash under what looks like the same glass panel. We are unsure what Samsung is thinking because it seems impossible to capture good photos when the flash and camera are positioned under the same piece of glass.

But of course, the above is based on unconfirmed sources and they should be taken with loads of salt. If the finding is spot on, we are eager to see how the camera works with such an unorthodox method.