Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Where Art Thou?

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The Galaxy Note 7 may have given Samsung a lot of headache but the manufacturer is not planning to give up on the Note brand just yet. Samsung has already confirmed that the Note series will continue to live on and this means that there will be a Note 8 coming out later this year.

So when exactly can we expect the Note 8 to make its debut?

If past releases are to be referred to, the Note 8 is bound to make its debut in September this year. But then again, new reports are claiming that the Note 8 will be making an early debut this year.

The reports specifically mentioned that the Note 8 will break its covers somewhere in the middle of August. It was also mentioned that the Note 8 will feature better hardwares when compared to the Galaxy S8 and it will also come with stereo speakers.

But of course, until Samsung officially announces on the Note 8, it is best to take the above with a grain of salt. The certainty here is that the Note 8 will happen and we should get a rough idea on when the device will be making its debut in the coming month.