Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why It Won’t Happen

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The Galaxy Note Series from Samsung have always received the best ratings from the users but this is with the exception of the latest Galaxy Note 7. The new device was supposed to carry on the success of its predecessors but it ended up in an epic fail.

In case you haven’t heard, the Note 7 experienced a miserable launch when it started exploding due to faulty batteries. Samsung was forced to issue a stop-sale order for the Note 7 and they recalled every unit sold in an attempt to fix it. That is when Samsung realized that the explosive batteries on the Note 7 can’t be replaced and this has forced them to kill the Note 7 entirely.

As we enter 2017, many are curious to see if there is going to be a sequel to the Note 7, the Note 8. The rumours are all rooting against the Note 8 when they claim that the device will not happen at all.

The word is that the failures of the Note 7 has forced Samsung to not launch another Note device as doing saw may deal a serious blow to their already bad reputation. In addition to that, the name Note 8 has already been taken by an old tablet and this further makes it unlikely for the Note 8 to happen. Do you think that the rumours are right with their claims?