Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 512GB Storage The New Minimum?

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About a week ago, Samsung made it known that the on-screen fingerprint scanner which they have been working on won’t feature on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 as they require more time to refine the feature.

For the Note fans, this is a massive setback because they are now left wondering on the specialties of the next-gen Note model. On the bright side of things, leaks have emerged online and they are all pointing towards a revolutionary storage upgrade for the Note 9.

A screen protector for the device highlights on the availability of a microSD slot and it comes together with an insider report citing that the Note 9 can enjoy 1TB of storage space. We figured out that the 1TB figure comes from a separate claim made by another notable insider which suggests that the Note 9’s base internal storage will be 512GB.

This is crazy high and when paired together with 8GB of RAM like the rumours are claiming, the Note 9 will certainly become a stellar device for productivity. All will be confirmed in the coming months.