Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Notch Scare Fixed By Leak!

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Notches on the smartphone displays are considered as an annoyance by a growing number of users and it doesn’t help seeing Android smartphone manufacturers racing with one another in rolling out a notch-filled display on their devices.

The notch is now considered as something so overused that it makes the non-notch smartphone looking a lot more special. On the other hand, it also breeds a new fear for every great future phones to arrive with a notch variant.

This is what’s going on for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as many fears that the Edge display will do one better through having a notch at the top of the front screen.

If you are hoping that this won’t be the case, we have got some good news for you. A leaked screen protector meant for the Galaxy Note 9 has pointed out that the upcoming phone will have a wide array of sensors on the top-front-panel. With such a complex setup, there is just no way for the Note 9 to come with a notch display at all.

It’s purely impossible and you can see it for yourself below.