Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Same Bloatware, Different Name

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Come Q3 this year, Samsung is expected to launch their next major smartphone and it is the Galaxy Note 9. The sequel to the Note 8 is bound to arrive with newer features to offer and today, we are able to identify one of them.

It is with the addition of a maintenance app called 360 Security. In case you are wondering what it is, 360 Security works like Clean Master but it has a little more features to offer.

As a matter of fact, it was discovered that Samsung has actually removed Clean Master and filled the void with 360 Security. The decision was recorded in the changelog for the latest update sent to the Galaxy S9 hence making it right to assume 360 Security to be in the mainframe of the Galaxy Note 9.

More importantly, 360 Security is just another tool from Samsung that isn’t made optional. We have tried it and we find 360 Security to be more aggressive in the sense that it deletes app data which you may need. So be cautious if you plan to use the new app.

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