Samsung Galaxy Note 9: There’s No Point Into Getting Unlocked Anymore!

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After founding success with the Galaxy S9, Samsung has proceeded to developing the next Galaxy Note smartphone. The device will be called the Galaxy Note 9 and it is expected to make its debut in Q3 this year.

With the Note 9 promising big things for the market, we are not surprised to see a large crowd already saving money to purchase the phone without a carrier contract. This would mean buying the Note 9 in unlocked form and while that will save you from the burden of monthly commitments, it is something we would advise against doing.

This is because of the Galaxy S8, which has proved that Samsung’s after sales support has gone down the drain. The S8 received the Android Oreo update much later than older flagships and what’s worst about it is that carrier-locked devices are taken care of ahead of unlocked devices.

If the trend is to stay, an unlocked Galaxy Note 9 will be getting an update later than a carrier-locked model. This would make it feel more worth it to get the phone with a carrier plan and subsidy than paying the full price of the device.