Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Embrace A Flip Body Style?

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Several months ago, Samsung brought out the W2018 Concept (see above) which is technically a smartphone that has a flip body style. Samsung went on to confirm that a production-ready model will arrive in Q3 this year and it will be revolutionary.

This makes it pretty clear that the W2018 is potentially the biggest thing which Samsung has got to offer in 2018 but why all the excitement for a flip phone?

If the rumours are to be referred to, the W2018’s flip-style will actually incorporate two 5” displays that can be opened up and rearranged to make the device function like a tablet. The rumours further claimed that the combined screen size will be slightly larger than the average phablet.

Keeping in mind that the phone will get finalized in Q3, this makes the concept a potential to become the next-gen Galaxy Note device, or tentatively-known as the Galaxy Note 9.

Seeing how fast smartphones are becoming stagnant with their offerings, we have to say that the rumours could be right after all. But like all unofficial reports, you should take the above with a grain of salt but do keep it at the back of your head because the least likely may just be the outcome.