Samsung Galaxy S10 Caught Charging Towards On-Screen Finger Scanner

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Fingerprint scanners embedded on the display of smartphones is one of the things many are expecting to see happen and it appears that this feature will arrive sooner than expected.

A tech report from South Korea has surfaced online today claiming that Samsung has found a way to make scanning fingerprints on a smartphone’s screen possible. If that is not exciting enough, the report further indicated that the feature will be introduced to the world via the Galaxy S10.

This means that next-year will witness the release of this much anticipated feature and the Galaxy S10 will be the first mass-market flagship to offer it.

Speaking of the S10, the report also indicated that the device bears the codename Beyond and it will also look to bring in a host of revolutionary features. It’s pretty obvious that Samsung is going the extra mile to ensure that the S10 is a device worthy of celebrating the series decade-long milestone.