Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo: Surprise Update Upsets S7 Users

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About 2 years ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 Neo and the device is intended for those that want a more premium version of the old Galaxy S5. However, this don’t matter much today as the S5 Neo, together with the ordinary S5, is no longer being supported by Samsung.

But then again, something surprising happened today and it is an update being rolled out to the Galaxy S5 Neo. The update is something the users were not expecting and it offers a security patch to make the S5 Neo more secure.

Sure, there isn’t any firmware upgrade that comes with the update but the S7 users are still upset upon hearing it. Several S7 users took it online to rant about the fact that their device is still stuck on December security update. These folks felt that they deserve better because the S7 is a newer phone.

Well, S7 users should realize that the update does not come out on a monthly basis. Samsung will only roll them out when they realize that the phone in question requires it.