Samsung Galaxy S5 Puts Newer S6, S7 & S8 To Shame

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About 3 years ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 and the phone ended up being the most actively used flagship device in Samsung’s history.

Even today, the number of Galaxy S5 users that are actively using the phone remains unbeaten and this is despite already seeing three new generations of successors getting released.

This was confirmed by Kantar World Panel when they identified that the Galaxy S5 makes up 15.6% of active devices from Samsung – more than any other model produced. This is then followed by the ordinary Galaxy S7, at 11.5%, Galaxy S6 at 11.4% and the Galaxy S7 Edge at 5.8%.

The figures are unexpected but to see the Galaxy S5 as the top dog in the flagship market is not accurate at all. This is because the figures separated the S7 from the S7 Edge, which is viewed by many as a single product. If the numbers are combined per generation, the S7 will be at the top of it all.