Samsung Galaxy S6: Android Oreo Update Confirmed?

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One bad point to getting an Android-powered smartphone is with the software update support. Unlike how it is with the Apple iPhones, most Android devices will lose their support upon hitting 21 months of age.

Samsung is one of those brands that have followed this path but it now looks like they are changing for the better. The past week have seen numerous reports claiming that Samsung will update the 3-year-old Galaxy S6 with Android 8.0 Oreo.

If this is to come true, then it will mark the first time Samsung breaks away from the traditional 21 month invisible rule. It will also put them on equal footing with Apple’s after-sales support which can only mean well in the long run.

Even if the reports are wrong, we are glad to know that Samsung is reacting faster to Android updates. Samsung has already said that the S8 will get Oreo within weeks from now and this is pretty quick when compared to previous update roll outs.