Samsung Galaxy S6: Fear Not, Fast Charging Remains With Nougat

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After months of debating on whether we should upgrade the OS on our aging Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, we went through with it. The software update basically replaces Android Marshmallow with Nougat. We were cautious about the update because we fear that it will take away some features on the Galaxy S6.

Well, we can now confirm that we have yet to come across any missing features on our Galaxy S6 Edge, although we have yet to perform a thorough check. Our Galaxy S6 Edge is from T-Mobile and we can say that fast charging works.

However, the battery performance go on a further decline as instead of getting 3 hours of average screen-on-time, we can only settle for 2 hours.

Marshmallow was starting to lag real hard on the Galaxy S6 Edge and it forced us to make the leap to Nougat. Well, we can say it is a good move to make but at the cost of usage time. To fix this, you may need to replace the battery or your phone entirely.