Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets Second-Life With S7 Mod!

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 may be an old flagship smartphone but it is still one of the most used devices in the Android world. However, because of its age, a growing number of S6 can no longer offer long screen-on time.

This is caused by the battery which has degraded with age and the common solution for this is to upgrade to a new phone. Well, if you are reluctant to change your device, there is now a workaround to change the batteries on the S6.

To be more precise, a mod demonstration has proved that it is possible to upgrade the S6’s battery to the one from the newer Galaxy S7. The battery swap is not that complicated to perform and the result is a much improved battery life on the S6. Those that have tried it even claimed that the screen-on-time they get with the S6 is better than how it was during the phone’s launch day.

If you are interested in making this change, you can refer to the battery swap guide below: