Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Still Better Than LG G6

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Being a new flagship phone with all the best hardwares on-board, the LG G6 is obviously the better device when compared to the old Samsung Galaxy S6. However, there are some departments in which the S6 is better and among them is battery life.

Yes, you read that right. The S6, despite being 2 years of age, can last longer than the brand new LG G6. To make it even more embarrassing, the Galaxy S6 has a smaller capacity battery pack that measures at 2550mAh.

The fact that the Galaxy S6 is also blasted for its small capacity when compared to the older Galaxy S5 makes it more embarrassing for the LG G6. The latter has got a 3300mAh battery but it can only 72 hours in a test conducted by GSMARENA. The S6 does better with 73 hours on the same test.

Knowing that battery life is a priority in the tech industry, we can say that LG has botched it for failing to offer satisfying battery life.