Samsung Galaxy S7: AT&T & Sprint Boards The Hype Train!

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Choo-Choo! All aboard the Samsung Galaxy S7 hype train! That was the call made by AT&T and Sprint earlier today when they announced that they are now taking in pre-orders for the flagship smartphone respectively.

This means that you can already make your S7 purchase today with either carrier and once the device is available, you will be among the first to receive it. For those with an existing contract on either carrier, you will be allowed to perform a re-contract to purchase the S7.

Of course, it also means that the S7 that are being offered by both AT&T and Sprint will be carrier-locked when released and you are required to finish off your contract before you can receive the unlock code.

When the Galaxy S7 arrives, it will be powered with the latest mobile hardwares and it will also feature a microSD slot. Are you excited?