Samsung Galaxy S7 Beats Apple & Blackberry In Smartphone Security

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What is the most secured smartphone in the world right now? Well, our answer would be the Samsung Galaxy S7 and we are going to explain why.

Apple TouchID and Blackberry encryption service might look great but they are nowhere near as good as the Samsung Galaxy S7’s fingerprint scanner. The feature on the S7 is really precise with its scanning that users can make it more secure by using other parts of their body instead of their fingers.

Yes you read that right. You can actually use other body parts like nipples, nose tip, ear lobes and even testicles to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7. Several users have already experimented with this theory and it is proven to be true. The only flaw here is that the scanner can’t tell the difference between a left nipple and a right nipple.

With the Galaxy S7 being able to scan your body parts, thieves will not want to bother stealing the device. It will be hard to know which body part is used to lock/unlock the S7 or even to make payments.